Jack Parker is a professional investigator who lives for little more than his next swig of Glenfiddich 18 to blot out the past.  His clients? That nervous breed of MarsTopia Corpexec who worry about cheating spouses… and backstabbing underlings… and the existential question of where your soul goes after you die.  For the right price, Parker finds them answers--to the first two, anyway.

Misty Sheridan is perhaps Parker’s only true friend. She, too, lost everything when Earth was destroyed...her sister had taken Misty’s baby back to Chicago to visit their parents. But everyone on MarsTopia had a story like that, and Misty was a survivor. Running The Vapor Lounge, she tries to play by New Shanghai City rules and regulations… up to a point. There are clients who will pay a premium for privacy and security and Misty doesn’t ever name names.


Kasper “Tiny” Gutman is the mastermind behind the MarsTopian underworld gang, the Black Birds. He stays well back in the shadows, but like any fine puppet-master, knows how to pull all the right strings. Whether by means of blackmail or Tiny’s sheer eel-like slipperiness, the authorities have never been able to touch him. While certainly not a man to be trusted, he and Parker have been of mutual benefit on several occasions. Tiny is as charming as he is deadly-- and the 300-pound behemoth is no one to cross.